Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Thüringen August 2013 part I

Hi Readers! (^_^)/

Today I'll start to write about my holidays in Thüringen in August. Late, I know.
I lost the memory card with all this pictures, but I found it yesterday. ^_^;
This trip is of sentimental value. So this entry and these photos are probably only interesting to me.
Nevertheless, I would like to share my pictures.

My holiday pictures rarely show people. But everything else.
I'm not going anywhere without taking photos. According to others, it's hard to go hiking with me, because I take pictures of everything. Haha. Actually, I see my holidays and travels only through the viewfinder.
Due to this habit my family made ​​fun of me many times. ^u^

 This holiday trip has personal value, because my family travels to this place for many years. Since the 70s, I think. Early, just after we were born, we traveled to exact that place. Haha, I use "we" because of my brother. Just in case you wonder. Later, especially in the years of primary school, we went there only with our grandparents. So I associate this place with my grandparents very much.

Sorry, this entry is picture-heavy!

The light was a bit strange that day. Very sunny alternating with darkness and the clouds of a thunderstorm.
We walked through this valley every year for many years, but we never sat on this bench before. ^__^
Just another bench.
Look at that sky! So gloomy, but the sun came through here and there.
These two toys are the only ones that are still there of the toys we used as kids on this playground. And the one on the left is broken. The wooden wheel is missing. But it was nice to see, that's still something there. And look at the seesaw. It's perfectly balanced. :D
This old outdoor theater is really nice. Although the bench seats are covered with plants. Haha, especially because the bench seats are covered with plants.
My brother climbed on everything, just like a kid. Also on this raised hide.
After our walk we sat down for tea and cake on the terrace. Many of the furnishings and household items have GDR charm. Mmm, okay, you don't see it here. :D  But it's true. The also have these egg cups made of plastic in the form of roosters.

I'm currently working on two entries about photo shoots in Lolita.
So, see you soon with an entry with photos of me wearing Toy March.

Thanks for reading! (^_^)/

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