Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Trip to Paris Part 2

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 Happy Halloween!

This is the second post about my trip to Paris. I'll write soon about Halloween and our Lolita meeting. (^-^)
We spent our second day almost entirely in the musée du Louvre.
It's huuugee! No, it's super huge. Le musée est super super énorme!
If you want to see everything you definitely need more than one day.
We walked without a long stop and we end up missing more than one floor!
I regret that we saw nothing of the decorative arts and the prints and drawings.
 But I'm looking forward to the next visit
 There are many large collections like the collection of paintings, egyptian antiquities, near eastern antiquities, sculptures, decorative arts, islamic art, prints and drawings and greek, etruscan, and roman antiquities.
 And all is well worth seeing. So you have to (if you only have one day) make decisions and choose what you want to see the most.

The entrance with the ticket office and cloakrooms is covered by the famous glass pyramid. We had wonderful weather. But we were inside all day. :D
 I have a good sense of direction. But even with the plan of the museum, it's possible to get lost. We found this beautiful staircase by accident. XD Not only the exhibits, the building is also very interesting.
I loved the sculptures most. The greek, etruscan and roman antiquities were really beautiful.
They are really great, aren't they? ^_^
That's me. Actually, I studied the plan of the Louvre, but here I look out of the window. XD
My mothers took these photos. She photographed me with Jacques-Louis David. Most visitors seem not to appreciate these pictures (They had only eyes for Le Sacre de Napoléon), but I wanted to see his paintings Le Serment des Horaces and Les Licteurs rapportant à Brutus les corps de ses fils. The size surprised me a little.
La Gioconda. It wasn't easy to see this painting. There were too many people there and the barriers and the thick glass front made ​​it difficult. When you go to a museum, then you want to see a  true picture. This is not possible with this painting. You get no feeling for it. That's a pity. But it's safer like this.
One of the rooms of applied arts. We watched in it briefly.
A very interesting collection is the collection of egyptian antiquities. It is very comprehensive and has many unique pieces.
As we left the museum and when we went over the jardin des tuileries, the sun went down. We went a little further over the place de la Concorde with the l'obélisque de Louxor towards l'Arc de Triomphe. The light was great.
We walked to our hotel. We walked a lot in those days. In this way you can see more of the city. For example, we saw beautiful shop windows like this one. ^-^ I love the styling of this mannequins.
Also we visited the Galeries Lafayette and the department store Au Printemps. You can find shops of all big fashion houses and perfumeries (like Prada, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry)  there. Because of the luxury fashion brands there are a lot of Japanese people. :D
This glass cupola is in the department store Au Printemps. 
Both houses are worth seeing because they are in the Art Nouveau style.

Actually, we were almost entirely in the museum that day. Nevertheless, the day was very tiring. I slept like dead.
But writing about it makes me want to be there again.

 Enough for today. (^-^)
 The next post will be about the Halloween meeting.

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  1. It looks wonderfull there! I hope to visit Paris someday again, it has been such a long time ago!

  2. ich hätte mich totaaaaal doll für den horatierschwur interesiert! den hatten wir auch im seminar und ich hätte nie gedacht, dass der soO groß ist!! übrigens hab ich dich, wie du ja weißt, vor 3 wochen angerufen und dachte du rufst denn mal zurück aber da kann ich wohl noch einige dekaden verstreichen lassen bis das passiert!!!!!!!!! und nochmal!!!!!!!!!!!!also greif zum hörer du kannst es ich weiß das! aber nicht vor montag da bin ich nicht da^^und weils so schön war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Viele Bilder hab ich nur für dich gemacht/machen lassen. Wir besuchen auf jeden Fall gemeinsam Davids Bilder und den ganzen Rest.
      In den letzten Wochen gings mir nicht so gut und ich red auch nicht gern über soetwas. Gerade nach den langen Tagen hab ich auch keine Kraft mehr noch zu telefonieren. Aber die Woche bin ich ab Mittwoch zeitiger zuhause.
      Laut Pratchett sollten geistig gesunde Menschen nie mehr als 3 Ausrufezeichen benutzen.