Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Halloween Lolita Meet-up

Hello readers! \(^_^)/
Et bonjour lecteurs!

The last time Blogger was very strange and did not work correctly. (>///<)
For example, it don't showed my normal font size. That was really annoying. I hope it works this time.

On 28.10. was a meeting of our local Lolitagroup! Yes, it wasn't exactly on Halloween, but the theme of the meet-up was Halloween. 
In the end, our outfits don't look like Halloween Outfits. But it was better like that, because we planned to go to a museum. (^_^) 
On this day, in this museum was the last day of a fair for applied arts, so that there were quite a few people (more than usual). I didn't like that very much, but the reactions were generally positive.
This isn't always the case. Sometimes some people say really nasty things.

I would also write about the museum, but I don't bought a permission to take pictures in the exhibition.
Maybe I'll write a little report later to the museum, of course, with photos. This is much more vivid.
So we were at the museum and later we went to an asian restaurant.
It was quite cold outside and the sun went down early. 
So we took a few pictures, despite the pressure of time, before we went to the restaurant.

That's me on this day:

I always forget that. But I'm often asked what I'm wearing. So here we go: Dress, Headbow: Angelic Pretty, Blouse: Dear Celine, OTKs: Chantilly, Shoes: Offbrand, Jewelery: New Yorker
And here some pictures of some of the other girls:

Later (after dinner) we took group photos:

On the right side is a wall with water. That was great! We took some photos there.
Here is mine. (^_^)
We ate at Mr. Moto. This is a sushi bar in Leipzig. I don't eat often in restaurants and I would never go to a sushi bar, because I can't eat fish or food with fishy flavor. Even the smell is actually too much. But it was okay and most of the others want to eat there.
And that's the food: (^.^)

The fishy dish of my neighbor. It looked interesting. Many of the other girls (and me too) ordered rice with vegetables. It was delicious. I also took photos of my food, but the light was bad, and the image was too blurry. Well, but a bowl of rice doesn't look that exciting. Everyone can imagine what it looked like. (▽≦)
Some ordered desserts afterwards. My food was very filling. And it was just a side dish.`)

The desserts looked nice! (^_^)
 After dinner we took the group photos and we had a table firework.
The table firework was actually the only thing that belonged to Halloween. There were some plastic spiders, masks and hats in it.

Directly on Halloween I wasn't wearing Lolita.
I tried to create a circus-inspired outfit. I don't know if I succeeded.
 I tried two versions, because the first one looked too ... too normal. o(≧∇≦o)
Here it is:

That makeup....nooooo. XD 
Blouse: Dear Celine, Vest: H&M, Dress (here I used it as skirt XD): bought somewhere in Italy, OTKs: Chantilly, Shoes: an*tai*na, Mask: purchased somewhere to Carnival, Hair Accessories: Chocomint
Okay, that's it for now.
I hope you had all a spooky Halloween. (`∀´)Ψ 
A slightly late Halloween post, but better late than never.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You look lovely, and the other girls look lovely as well. Amazing outfits ♥ And I like your halloween outfits. I like the second version the most ^^

  2. Thank you!
    I liked the secound version more too. ^^