Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Photo shoot: strawberry park

Hello readers! (^-^)

 Before I come to the photo shootI want to talk a little bit about my bad luck:
I have really bad luck with Lolita at the moment. >///<
I was close to get the number 2 (Twinkle Carnival in black) of my wishlist. But then I missed it, although I was very close. The same with two other dresses of my top10. Soooo close! T_T
 But the worst was the new AP Print Chocolate rosette. I tried to reserve it, but it was too late.
 My Shopping Service tried to buy it, but the whole series was sold out very quickly. (On the day of release!). Then I missed the dress at various auctions. T_T
This little story was especially for people who think I always get everything I want without problems. (These people know who I mean. :D)
Sometimes for Lolita you need a lot of patience. XD
I hope that I get the JSK in navy. It's so pretty and it was Love at first sight.

A friend took some pictures of me in APs Ichigo Millefeuille last month.
Perhaps you remember how I posted the idea for the photo shoot earlier. ^-^
Previously I checked the weather reports. At that time it rained a lot and I searched for periods at which it should not rain. On the day of the photo shoot, the weather was very nice. It was nice, except for the few minutes where it was raining heavily. XD At precisely the time when we tried to take pictures. After that and before that it was great. XD

But enough of that. Here are some pictures:
 Attention! This post is very image-heavy.

Dress: Angelis Pretty Ichigo Millefeuille JSK  Blouse: Bodyline  Socks: Heart Lace OTK Socks  Shoes: An*Tai*Na  Umbrella: Lisbeth Dahl  Bag: Angelic Pretty  Accessories: offbrand  Hair Accessories: H&M, claire's
Because of the strong wind I tried to fly with the umbrella. XD
This is something like a funny, semi-intentional outtake. XD
This is one of my favorite pictures! ^-^
My photographer! <3

Thanks for reading! ^-^


  1. mein lieblingsbild ist das von unten da sehen dein makeup und deine hände gar zauberhaft aus.

    1. dank! das bild finde ich auch toll. zuerst als ich "von unten" gelesen hatte, dachte ich du meinst das letzte bild. haha.

  2. beautiful pictures ^^~

    ahhh good luck next time!! Hope you can find again your dream dresses ;_;

    1. awww! ^-^ Thank you!
      I really need some luck. Thank you! :D