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Urban Fairytale V - the really last entry

Hello readers,

The last entry to the Urban Fairytale Event should be the last entry. But there were still so many pictures that I decided to make another post. It was prepared for weeks but I never had the time or muse to finish it. Today there'll be not a lot of words, but some last photos and a group picture of my local community. Well, only of the members who were at the event though.
I'm sorry for the clumsy wording, I'm not able to language at the moment.

Last weekend was the book fair in Leipzig and we finally found a name for our community. We are now Celestial Ecclesiae. It was a funny journey to that name and now I wonder even more how the other communitties found their names. I'll write about the book fair later.

First, some pictures of Lydia also known as Piggeldy. She won the outfit contest that day! Her outfit is self made from the horns to the chains.

 And I took some more pictures of Nora, who by the way won the outfit contest on the day before. She wore something else that day, but the dreadlocks were an awesome unique touch to her outfits.

I'm sorry for some details here it was the end of the day and I didn't really had an eye at some not so well positioned parts of the clothes. But here you have a view at her amazing hairdo.

Next pictures show Franzi. I'm not sure, but I think she was a little insecure about some aspects of her outfit and how they appear in the pictures, but I think she looks really pretty here. This Sweet Lolita look is great and I think sweet styles are always a little difficult. They look easily costumey or colour clashy. The lentgh of the dress is also no problem at all.
These are things I thought of a lot for the past one or two years. Back in the days I never thought twice about the lengh of a dress but today this became important. Also everything sweet seems a little bit out of fashion. I loved really over the top Sweet Lolita and I still love it, but it's not very present today. Even I think more and more that the super sweet dresses are nothing I want to wear anymore. Maybe it's because I'm older now and my taste changed but I'm not sure about that.  because I still like to look back and I still love the old sweet styles.

 Lydia then took some more pictures of me. Thank you so much for that. I really liked my outfit that day. And I still like it, which is kind of rare because my eyes are focused on flaws and my mind searches constantly for improvement in everything. But the black-red-gold combination and my love for that outshines everything.

Here you see me trying to escape and to hide from my responsibilities.
Lisa took some pictures with her Polaroid Camera. I love Polaroid Cameras. She took a picture of me and it's probably the best picture in existence. The polaroid style is just a really nice look.

And here are the group pictures. First, Luise was missing. Next to each other we really darken the picture. Now were I see the pictures, it looks like Lisa is hiding behind her headpiece. But our Memorial Cake twins are a good frame for the group I think. It's so funny that a lot of us, including me, own that dress. Day Dream Carnival is also something a lot of us have. We're nearly able to make Angelic Pretty Series themed meet-ups.

And yes, I said good bye to my headpieces and wig. That was a long day and it was tiring but also really nice. It was so exhausting for me that I didn't even photographed my food later. It was just a burger with fries but a good vegan burger and nice sweet potato fries. I love to take food pictures, but not for the internet. I take them just for myself and because I love food. There was a time I thought about becoming a professional food stylist and photographer.

At the end of the post I show you the goody bags. Everyone who bought a ticket got one. The VIPs had some more itmes in it. I think they both contained a Fluffitori Pony pin, a Urbam Fairytale postcard, a BTSSB postcard, a card for the raffle and some business cards and flyers from the sponsors. The VIPs got a BTSSB Fairytale Pop-up book, a BTSSB necklace, one free drink and a coupon for one direct picture from the photographer booth of M. E. Fotografie.

I say good bye and see you next time with a picture with antlers made by Pauline. She wore them with her outfit on the first day and I was so impressed in the hotel room that she let me try it on. It's quite heavy but gorgeous.

Thank you for reading!

~ Louyse

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