Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

The pumpkin told me to dance & I just jumped with my hands on my hips to the left back in time

Hello readers,

so today is Halloween. I decided to write something, because I felt the need to do so. I'm a horrible blogger and the time gaps between the posts are getting bigger and bigger.
First something halloweenish, because I just found this on my external hard drive and now I want to share it everywhere. It’s an edited scan of a drawing in my sketchbook i did around halloween last year.

 And this is the page without my weird editing I did back then for whatever reason.
It'll might get better somewhen in the near future. But in the meantime there's just no real occasion to blog. However, if there is a nice event, if I eventually find the inspiration and draw or if there are a few nice photos in Lolita, I'll post them here.
I also thought about the opportunity to write down some thoughts here. What I think about creativity and the possibilities of expression in Lolita fashion. What I think about creativity in general, and on the creative manufacturing of handmade designs in particular. And also about the changes, communities and the changes of communities in the worldwide Lolita community.
But for now I'll do nothing of the sort. Simply because this has to be good planned entries and I've to write other things first. Not here, for university. But if this massive paperwork should be done at some point, then I'll have more time and inclination for my blog again. Because I actually really liked blogging. And living. Two of the things I don't really do at the moment.
Well, university means, opt for two of these things: enough sleep, good grades or social life.
Only two, three aren't possible.
This entry ended pretty creepy. Actually I should now write something funny to bright up the mood again. Unfortunately I can not think of anything funny.
Thanks for reading and
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Your drawings are amazing.
    You are a true artist,
    Scarlett Juzzle
    A Kawaii Blogger at Pastel Dreams Rainbow Skies