Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

Trip to the Netherlands III

Hello readers! (^_^)/

And here is the third and last part of my posts about my trip to the Netherlands.
 Sorry, it's very picture-heavy. But actually all my blog entries are picture-heavy, 
so I guess you are used to it. ^-^;
 Oh and by the way, do you know that feeling: you love all countries except the one where you live in?
I had and have the luck to visit many other countries, and I also lived and worked for a short time in the Swiss Alps. I liked all places and it feels somehow right. I never feel like this in Germany.
And as a plus: It's too hot here. I feel sick at temperatures above 20 °C. I'm a born penguin. XD
 At the moment, it's really not my weather here. I don't like summer.

The weather was good for me in the Netherlands. Pretty windy and not too cold, but not too warm. Okay, we were there in spring. Spring is also okay here. But oh well, nonetheless it's all better than home. ^___^

 In this post I write about the sixth and seventh day of our trip.
On the sixth day we went to Leiden and Delft. As on other days too, we saw a lot in a very short time.

The day in Leiden began with an overcast sky.
Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden.
And then the sky became blue. ^___^
This chandelier hung in a Protestant church. Unfortunately I don't remember which one it was. ^_^; This type of chandeliers seem to be typical for the churches in the Netherlands.
I took a lot, really a looot pictures like this. Water, sky, reflection some boats and houses. Haha.
We visited the Museum de Lakenhal. Here you see the Violin player by Jan Lievens, a
 member of the Guild of St. Luke. Furthermore, in the museum was a Rembrandt and a painting by David Bailly, which I personally like.
And this triptych was also there. It's nice to see something like this in real. This is the triptych Het Laatste Oordeel by Lucas van Leyden. It's from 1527 and the colour and anatomy looks very impressive.
This is a shop window in Delft. Miffi! ^___^
Cute house in Delft. Can a house be cute? Maybe it's not the right word....XD
But this is cute. I loved all the ducks and other waterbirds.
There were many different kinds of water birds. This one , which I photographed in Amsterdam on the morning of the seventh day, had many rings. What does his wife say about all the rings? XDD
On that day we visited the Rembrandt Museum in Amsterdam. It's nice. The rooms are furnished like the home of Rembrandt, just with a few placards. They also had some people who showed how the artist mixed the colours and how he printed his copperplate engravings.
Tulips in Amsterdam. A little cliched, isn't it?
Unfortunately we couldn't visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. It was still closed. There was a large display panel there, which showed the days, hours and minutes until the reopening. Only five days! T_T It's one of the museums that I'd love to see someday. There are some great masterpieces there, like the Night Watch by Rembrandt, but there are also paintings by Vermeer, Frans Hals and Jan Steen.
We were able to visit the Stedelijk Museum, a museum for modern art, contemporary art, and design in Amsterdam. It's near the Rijksmuseum. They've a lot of great paintings, such as paintings by Braque, Picasso, Kandinsky, Chagall, Cezanne and Renoir. Moreover, there are exhibits to the Bauhaus and De Stijl. Loved that! And there was a room completely empty except for this bouquet of flowers. Pretty flowers, but I don't get the intention. XD
We couldn't see the Night Watch. But we went to the sculpture. The figures seem to me slightly larger than life-size. Or I'm just small next to them? It was so windy, I wore my hood. No matter what the advertising says, no hair spray copes this windy weather.
When we were there, there was a demonstration from gay people. I don't know it exactly, but I think so. The city is generally very open. That's great! I took this photo on the way back to the hostel. The compression destroyed this impression somewhat, but the light was phenomenal. The colours of the flag shined very bright and everything else was in the shadows. Someone pointed out to me, that this picture would have something meaningful. Haha, okay. Since it's somewhere my job to interpret pictures I'm open to interpretations of my photos.

That's all for today. The next entry will be about the day of Pentecost, when I wore Day Dream Carnival. I know this is already a while back. I don't managed it yet, to sort out and edit the photos. ^_^;

Thanks for reading! (^_^)/
I wonder if anyone really reads the text? XD


  1. Ah cool, you were in the Netherlands! Fun to see pictures of Leiden, I've only been there once :p

    1. Yes, I was there earlier this year. It's really great and it's definitely worth the trip, isn't it? ^_^