Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

Lolita coordinates - Best of 2012

Hello readers! (^∇^)

Last year I wrote in January about my Lolita-outfits from the previous year.
But recently I had some problems with my laptop and therefore I looked through my files and pictures.
I looked through all the pictures and ...
...oh yes, I wore APs Holy Night Story very often! I regret nothing! o(▽≦)o
Unfortunately I missed the Christmas-Lolita-meeting here. (
_ )
But - for compensation - I'll wear a different dress for Christmas. Enough Holy Night Story for this year.

Well, these are my favorite coordinates from 2012:

I love all the black and red clothes. (^^)
But I will wear sweet and pastel colored outfits as long as it looks good on me.
I can't decide what I like best. I felt very comfortable in all the Holy Night Story outfits.
But I was so happy to be able to wear my Milky Planet again. And Sugary Carnival will always be something special for me. Always! A dream comes true with the black Twinkle Carnival. I love it!
You're going to see definitely more of this next year!

Thanks to everyone who likes what I do!
Thank you!

And thanks for reading!




  1. Ach, ich bin hin und weg! *_*
    Ich finde deine Outfits super schön, du hast einfach ein Händchen für eine gelungene Zusammenstellung.
    Ganz toll! <3

    1. Vielen, vielen Dank! ^-^
      Ich weiss gar nicht, was ich sagen soll. :D
      Danke! <3

  2. Wonderfull outfits ♥♥♥ The black/red outfits are my favourites.
    You look amazing!

  3. You are always very well dressed! Love your outfits and style ^^