Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

gothiclolitawigs review & some of my accessories

Last year (XDDD) I've ordered a new wig at gothiclolitawigs
It is a model of the new Countess Collection and called Coco. ^ - ^
 The wig is really pretty and the hair feels quite realistic. I really like the puffy style, but unfortunately there are not so many curls in this wig. It´s wavy and a little bit tangled. ^ - ^ That's not bad, I will curl it myself. 

That´s not the true colour. It´s a little bit reddish in this pic because of the lamplight.
This photo shows the true color pretty well.
New chocomint accesoires. ^-^ I really love chocomint.

A small collection of my accesoires ^-^...

...bows, hair accesoires, bracelets... accesoires, some rings XD...

...bracelets and necklaces. XDDD
In this box (you see it on the picture below) I got my order from kawaii-factory. Super cute! Isn´t it? ^.^ It's been some time since I've ordered there. But I would do it again. <3

My kawaii factory stuff. Love all her jewelry with bears.

Thanks for reading!

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