Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Small report of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

Hello readers! \(^_^)/

At the last post I wrote that the book fair in Frankfurt will be soon.
So I'll write first about this event. The next post will be the second part of the report of my trip to Paris.

This year I visited the book fair in Frankfurt for the second time. I like the book fair in Leipzig more.
The location and everything is much better. But maybe that's just my opinion. (^^)
Due to the long drive and all this it's a slightly expensive deal for me.
 And because of all the driving around also very stressful.
But these fairs are great opportunities to meet other Lolitas and to have a great time in Lolita.
I met Dani again who I met first at a book fair back in 2011. ^_^
Like last year we wore the same print at the fair. And it was no accident. Haha. (^^)
 On the second day, we wore different dresses.

This is us on Saturday.
I know. Again I wore Holy Night Story(u_u)
And it still is not Christmas. But I loooove the dress!
And I always try to create new coords. (^_^)
 I wanted to pick only a few pictures, but I couldn't decide which. 
Therefore, there are now so many pics. Sorry!

We also met a couple of other Lolitas. I photographed some of them.
 I had the feeling last year there were more. But I'm not sure.

Pretty pics with pretty girls: Fanu, candyCutie and Georgina.
Jasmin & Taeyen! I meet them at every fair since last year. ^-^
I love these outfits! It's creative and they look absolutely great, right?
 Sunday the weather was quite terrible. This was not good for taking pictures.
 There were many cosplayers and I'm sure the weather was really bad for a lot of them. 

We were looking for in the rooms for good places to take some photos...
....and we found this blue carpet. I love the colour!
Milky Planet Power, make up! o(≧∇≦o) My super sweet outfit from Sunday should be a contrast to the outfit from Saturday.
This time I liked my makeup pretty well. I'm usually very critical and never really happy. ^-^
 On this day we met a couple of Lolitas too. ^ - ^ Unfortunately, I photographed only a few.
One of them was harlyharlekin. I love her outfit.

And then also Fahr had a little time. We missed us on Saturday. 
 She wore her incredibly cool Loki costume. On this day, it was the Hogwarts version.
I don't know if she will ever read this, but: Marry me! You know that you want it!
 We must realize that we never get Tom Hiddleston. (▽≦)

Fahr Sindram Loki! Lead us! ^v^
I took many pics, but this post is already very image-heavy and it shouldn't be worse than this.

 Finally, a few photos of some cosplayers. 
Actually, I not interested in something like this. But sometimes ... some have convinced me.
 Especially the doctor! He looked really similar to the original tenth doctor. 。◕‿◕。

 So, that's it for now.
Tomorrow is a local Lolita meeting.
I'm looking forward to this Halloween meeting and I'll write about it later.

Thanks for reading!  


Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Trip to Paris Part 1

Hello readers! \(^-^)/

Earlier this month I spent a few days in Paris. This trip was a gift for my birthday last month.
I flew with my mother. For her, this trip was an early Christmas present. (^v^)
We only stayed for four days, but we've seen an incredible amount of interesting buildings, museums and other things. I took a lot of photos! It was very stressful, but also very nice.
Because there are so many pictures and so much stuff to tell, I will split the post into several parts.
In this part, I will write about the first day.

The picture on top was taken at the airport Berlin. First we had to go to Berlin and from there we were able to fly. The sun went down as we boarded the plane. That was nice, then we came to the bad part. The flight.
I have a terrible fear of flying and my last flight is a long time ago.
We had some turbulences. Aaarrggh. (=_=)
 I was so happy to be back on the ground after these 2 hours full of fear.
We arrived very late.
On this day we saw nothing except the metro and the stations where we were. (^-^)

One of the metro signs. Pretty, isn't it?
 I planned the day (like all other days). It's important to plan the days when you haven't that much time.
 On the first day following attractions were on our list of things we wanted to see:

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Musée national du Moyen Âge
Jardin du Luxembourg
Église Saint-Sulpice

We walked from the hotel to Notre Dame. We had a beautiful view of the other side of the river and of the island.
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris!
One of the rose windows. ^-^
  The area in front of Notre Dame was full of people. And it was the same inside.
That's something I don't like, but that must be expected in such well-known sights.
It's worth. The architecture is stunning!
  It was nice to see everything in "real" and not just in photos.

The bridge behind Notre Dame was full of locks. They are from Couples as a sign of their loyalty.
The Panthéon. We walked from Notre Dame to this "hall of fame" for famous French personalities. The first day we don't use the public transports. (^o^) Next to the Panthéon is the famous Sorbonne University.
It's really beautiful. We only saw it from the outside. Partly for reasons of time and also because it costs quite a lot.
Musée national du Moyen Âge
One of the drolleries on the roof.
The museum isn't as well known, as for example the Louvre, but it definitely worth a visit!
 I was impressed by the collection.
There were medieval stained glass windows, architectural ruins from the Roman period, various sculptures, tapestries, ivory carvings, metal work and more.

One of the most impressive pieces. The light wasn't good for photography. But it's better for the objects.
In the same room were some very beautiful enamels from Limoges. I was very pleased to see these works.
One of the sculptures in front of one of the tapestries. You still can see remains of the painting on this Madonna.
 In the late afternoon we walked through the Jardin du Luxembourg to the church Saint-Sulpice.
What a beautiful park! (^_^) There were also many sculptures.

Jardin du Luxembourg
Saint-Sulpice de Paris and Fontaine Visconti (which is nicely lighted at night)
 At exactly the time when we visited the churches, there were church services. (I don't know if this is the right word) It's impolite and sometimes forbidden to take pictures at this time. Some people ignored it and photographed the interior.
 We visited on the way home shortly the church of Saint Germaine. Same here. :D

 As the sun went down, we passed the Louvre. The next day, the visit of the museum was planned.

I hope you like the first part of my report about my Paris trip.
The next part will follow soon.

Possibly, I will talk about the Frankurter Book Fair and the Lolita meeting there before I post the next Part of the trip to Paris.

Thanks for reading!